7 Principles of the Founders

Seven principles to understanding the true spiritual foundations of America as believed by the founders.

  1. The Constitution and the idea that America was designed for a virtuous, religious (spiritual), and enlightened people, because only such a people could be strong enough, good enough, and wise enough to be self-governed and live in true freedom.
  2. Since God is the creator, giver and sustainer of all life, it is impossible to govern a nation’s people without His aid.
  3. Nations and leaders owe God allegiance and reverence.
  4. God superintends in the affairs of men and nations, and the outcome of events on earth are subject ultimately to His prevailing power and will.
  5. God’s hand moves on behalf of the individual and nation according to the faith and right conduct of the people, (or at least when a collective body stands in the gap for the rest of the people).
  6. A pure form of Christianity, freely practiced by the people was considered to be the single greatest factor in ensuring a positive, safe, social order, as well as safeguarding natural freedoms.
  7. Man has been given free will and that free will can be used for good or evil, blessing or curse—all of which he will be accountable for.