America’s Greatest Need

America’s greatest weakness from a governance perspective is the disregard for God’s truth – which is also universal truth and ultimate reality. The spiritual and moral laws of life that govern man and protect him in every relevant facet of existence have not changed nor ever will change, because the Creator has not changed and never will change.

Therefore, America’s greatest need in collective society is to recognize and acknowledge the spiritual nature of all life in all human interaction. It is first to rebuild those spiritual and inspirational foundations, and to reestablish the principles that are essential elements to our country’s total prosperity. It is then to creatively add upon those foundations and principles, while continuously removing contaminating, unjust elements that oppress the people, in order to effectively create the conditions for America’s potential to be reached.

The single greatest threat to America today is the assault against the very soul of our country- the destroying of the country’s moral, spiritual, inspirational, and patriotic values and foundations. For it is from these foundations that all of the other problems, which are significant, will be most effectively be dealt with. Every single problem and complex situation facing America and the world –whether it be economic, environmental, health care, poverty, terrorism, social issues, etc.—all have spiritual and holistic components at their roots, and therefore all must have spiritual and holistic components to their solutions.