Purpose and Goals


The upcoming Midterm Election provides the opportunity for Christians from every background and individuals from all faiths to exercise their God-given right and obligation to participate in the process through spiritual means in an organized fashion. The ideal power of prayer and fasting employed for the need of personal and national help is derived from the scriptures and richly supported in American history. In terms of power and effectiveness, prayer and fasting are indispensable.


  1. To set a new and higher standard for leadership in America.
  2. To strengthen the nation and integrity of the Congress.
  3. Encourage believers to play their roles in ensuring that the right people are elected and that certain unhealthy strongholds controlling the political system are broken for God’s purposes and for the benefit of all people.
  4. Provide the structure for any interested person to unite his efforts and, therefore, compound the results with others around the country in this vital effort.
  5. Send a clear message to the House and Senate candidates, both current and future, that the American people will not allow our moral and spiritual principles as defined by our Judeo-Christian heritage to be undermined.
  6. To encourage those seeking the highest positions of political leadership to understand that they are accountable to both God and the people, and to lead according to true, spiritual and ethical standards; and if they do not adhere to these, they need not run for office.