America’s Greatest Deception

The greatest deception of our time is the belief that we can ignore God and violate spiritual law with impunity. It is the belief that we can manage our existence without the knowledge, wisdom, love, guidance, and intervention of the Almighty. In America today, there is a pervasive false notion that our spiritual and moral positions have no bearing on our life, liberty and happiness. There appears to be an almost total disconnect in the collective public mind between the reality of spiritual life and the living God, and how wonderfully that reality should be expressed by man on this earth. Many of our leaders, and most members of our media, speak and behave as though God did not exist at all! This suppression of basic truth and ultimate reality has created an environment that is becoming less beautiful, less friendly, and less life affirming right before our eyes.

“When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; when a wicked man rules, the people groan.” – Proverbs 29:2

While the majority of political leaders overwhelmingly believe in the existence of God, they have failed to govern consistently with that belief on any number of particular issues. As a result they institute laws and support precepts that are antithetical to God’s creative purpose for man, and by so doing, they both undermine, and ignore the spiritual foundations upon which this country was built. Worse still, in some cases there are those that participate with the active attempt to expunge our Judeo-Christian past and its direct influence on all our national institutions from the nation’s consciousness, as well as practical application in civic life. There are many unintended consequences (and will be many more) to having a secular and anti-Christian bias in government and culture—all of which result in a significant loss of quality of life for all people, and not just for Christians.