Never in the history of our country have the moral, spiritual, and constitutional foundations that secured our country been so threatened as they are  today. If you want to see America healthy and have honor and truth restored, but feel overwhelmed and somewhat hopeless because of the sheer magnitude of the darkness that is spreading so rapidly across our land, there is something that you can do that may singularly change history for the better.

What all Americans must be aware of is that we are living in the most challenging, complex, and dangerous period in history. There is a literal battle for the soul of America that is playing out in our day. In a time when we need God’s power and wisdom the most, our people and many of our leaders seem to be seeking it the least. This spiritual deficiency can only lead to a certain disaster for the people and the country if this trend is not reversed.

If there is ever a time for Christians and all concerned Americans to stand up for the life of their country, as well as their God-given right, it is now!