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2022 Midterm Election

The Importance of the Upcoming Midterm Elections – A Letter to All Republican Candidates – 2022
The upcoming midterm election is by far the most important election in American history, as the literal survival of our nation is on the line. This is not an overstatement, it is a matter of pragmatic fact – so deep have the seeds of our complete demise been planted into the fabric of our total society over the last number of years, and especially in the last few years.

The obvious fact is that we have far too many people in positions of authority that have absolutely no business whatsoever being in those positions for multiple reasons. If strong, moral, ethical, and wise leadership is not re-established in our country, and the right people do not get elected to fight and reverse the self-destructive course that we are on, the projection for America – according to all patterns of history, spiritual law, natural law, and the principle of causality – is one of ruin, collapse, and subjugation.

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With all the chaos, confusion, and seemingly intense pressure that is surrounding this election and what we’re going through as a nation it is important to realize that God “inhabits eternity” and that nothing is impossible to him that believes.”

It is God who is going to have the final say in the election, It is God who can “do exceedingly and abundantly beyond all that we ask or even think”….

Our  part is to keep believing, keep praying and have peace in the midst of the storm. So have tremendous faith, have tremendous power, and add an extra day of fasting into the mix. (see sign up).

Realize that He is working things out on a much greater level that we can even imagine.

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