Who to Vote For

When we are voting for a house, senate, state or local candidate, it is important to realize that we are not just voting for an individual but also for a political party, which is especially true today, as the parties are unfortunately more divided from each other than at any other time in American history.

America is at its best when both its main political parties are vibrant and healthy— with their respective strengths adding dimension and balance to each other, which is precisely what every true American should desire. Though it is expected that there will be differences between the parties (as there is within the parties), these differences should be relatively minor, instructive, and intelligently nuanced in respect to approaching the same desired effects.

The division that we are currently experiencing is truly terrible and extremely unhealthy. It is impossible for the country to flourish while its two main political parties are moving in opposite directions on so many basic issues. Therefore, it is not enough to know that we are polarized, but we must know why we are polarized—what are the causes, and who has created this tension and division. And here, it is important to know that no party historically has had a monopoly on the truth.

In evaluating the fitness and credibility of the two parties, the two essential questions to ask are:

  1. Which party has demonstrated the most holistic loyalty to God and country; i.e., which is more aligned with the nation’s basic spiritual, historical, and inspirational values?
  2. Which party is most capable of, and dedicated to, promoting the overall freedom, fairness, and the general welfare of the country?

It should be axiomatic that the party that is most spiritually consistent, ethical, and faithful to our Constitution is also the party most deserving of serving the people and leading the country.

While the Republican Party is far from perfect and needs great improvement, the Democratic Party has seemingly lost its way, sold its soul for political power, and has resorted to lawlessness and mob rule in the quest to gain that political power. The best of what the party has to offer, and its potential to promote the general welfare, has been greatly compromised because of this.

This does not mean that there are not good people who are good leaders within the Democratic Party, but these leaders are increasingly distanced from their true values and forced to submit to ideologies that they themselves did not believe in just a few years ago. The Democratic Party needs to make a real comeback in order to meet its own standards from years past.

Below are a few examples of the unfortunate downturn of the Democratic Party:

  • It is the Democratic Party that has presided over the progressive removal of God in American public life, resulting in the chilling of the freedom of religion. Virtually every factional group or individual who supports legislative changes that are oppositional to biblical values has found refuge in the Democratic Party, and have been courted for their votes without any accountability for their actions or examination of the negative effects their radical changes to our longstanding societal values would make on our culture identity, and ultimately the quality of life of the people.
  • It is from within sectors of the Democratic Party and leftist ideology that most of the attacks against freedom of speech and freedom of expression have come.
  • It is from within the Democratic Party and leftist ideology that politically correct and imbalanced activism and cancel culture have risen, which has ruined the lives and livelihood of many people, and has had a negative and destructive effect on all creative institutions—music, film, professional sports, politics, education, etc.
  • It is Democratic run cities that have allowed and encouraged the breakdown of law and order by failing to protect the people and their property. This is witnessed by the horrific amounts of rioting, violence, lawlessness, arson, assaults against the police, tearing down of statues, looting, destroying public property and buildings, blocking traffic, assaulting citizens, and ruining business, etc.
  • It is the Democratic Party that has been the most authoritative and punitive in enforcing Covid-19 lockdowns, restrictions, social distancing, and excessive mask wearing.
  • It is the Democratic Party that aligns itself directly against basic spiritual and biblical truths relating to life, marriage, and gender.
  • It is the Democratic Party and the media that have leagued together on a variety of agendas, including having literally spent the last four years trying to destroy the presidency of Donald Trump, and in the process have undermined almost every American concept of fairness, due process, and the presumption of innocence.