The Greatest Issue to Focus On

The greatest issue surrounding this election, and therefore the greatest issue that all Americans must be aware of, is the protection of our First Amendment rights, and especially that of free speech and religious liberty, which essentially translates into the protection of the full, free, and unfettered ability to express one’s ideas, feelings, thoughts, values, and faith without any fear of unnatural reprisal in any form from any individual or any agency (Christian faith). While religious liberty extends to all religions, it is Christianity—and specifically that of the free expression of it in the public square— that has come under attack from false agendas in ways unheard of in American history until relatively recently, and has been especially accelerated in the last several years. If Americans do not wake up now, and at the very least send a message that any leader hoping to get elected must be first be accountable to the people and to God Himself, then all Americans will find themselves without a country to freely live out their life and faith—which means they will lose the ability to experience all that this country was set up for a free people to experience.

Indeed every American, regardless of what their faith is or isn’t, must be concerned with the negative direction our country is heading in terms of both the suppression of speech and the anti-religious and spiritual bigotry that has caused a chilling of the robust expression of the Christian faith and natural living, as witnessed in multiple sectors of society—of which a healthy America depends on. Without that robust expression, America will lose the very foundation that allowed the country to come into existence and subsequently become great.

While all forms of speech are protected by the Constitution, it is “conservative” speech that has clearly come under increasing attack and censorship from various agencies and controlling forces within our society. It is important to realize that this so-called conservative speech really translates into what was considered, just a short time ago, to be the most basic kind of normal, common sense speech that was so universally accepted as essential to the values and normalcy of our republic. The result of this is that the rules that protected speech about fundamental ideas are now being questioned, challenged, and changed by the day– thereby creating a chaos of principles and standards of communications.