21 Questions to Ask

Here are the key questions that every American and person of faith must ask themselves if they are unclear on who to vote for.

Who will be most likely to:

  1. Honor God by governing from a positive, enlightened, Christian and biblical world view- which is one of reason, truth, and life for the benefit of all people?
  2. Select and appoint the best cabinet members and executive staff who also will lead from a positive, enlightened, Christian and biblical world view?
  3. Stand against the increasing anti-Christian bigotry that has been recently demonstrated in our country?
  4. Protect our first amendment rights- especially our religious freedoms of speech, expression, and moral dissent from certain issues and political correctness?
  5. Inspire patriotism and support America and American values?
  6. Devise spiritually sound, sustainable solutions to the problems that have been continuously besetting the country relating to: social disintegration, the economy, border security and immigration, energy, environment etc.?
  7. Resist the political correctness, false agendas, and errant values that have been destroying our country?
  8. Not be bought, used, intimidated, or otherwise unduly influenced by nefarious forces seeking political favor or control?
  9. Protect against late term abortion, as well as protect babies that have been born alive in unsuccessful abortions and stand for truth when it comes to defining and ever redefining the fundamentals of marriage, gender, and life?
  10. Be most committed to the principles of liberty?
  11. Keep the country safe from threats from within and without (including terrorist threats)?
  12. Confront head on the growing, horrific genocide of Christians (who are the most targeted) as well as other groups by extremists in the Middle East and Africa?
  13. Create equal opportunity -according to talent, ability, and work ethic—for all?
  14. Unite the country according to the highest common spiritual values rather than divide according to the lowest politically correct ones?
  15. Protect our civil rights?
  16. Use the military wisely, judiciously, and effectively for just ends that protect America, promote peace, and save the innocent around the world?
  17. Promote true social justice according to biblical standards?
  18. Based on past evidence of meeting with Christian leaders, solicit the advice from the same on moral, ethical, and spiritual matters relating to law, governance, and the rights of Christians
  19. Appoint Supreme Court justices that will uphold the Constitution and exercise Godly wisdom, righteousness, and judgment in all matters as they relate to law and the promotion of the general welfare of our country?
  20. Keep the White House free of scandals?
  21. Work tirelessly and vigorously on behalf of the people, and put the country ahead of all foreign interests?