Importance of America

In order to understand the importance of the Presidency, it is essential to first understand the importance of America itself.

America is not just another country among many countries, it is the greatest country in the history of the world, with a unique, inspirational background and unmatched influence for good. Our glorious triumph in the revolution of 1776, and dynamic inception as a nation, represented not only a heroic victory over oppression, but also a determined genius to translate that triumph into a coherent, working order of life and government that the modern world had never before witnessed.

The Founders saw America as a nation of destiny with a special purpose that they themselves were responsible to lay the proper foundation for in order to not only secure their own generation’s freedom, but that of succeeding generations as well.

George Washington stated: “We may, with a kind of grateful and pious exultation, trace the finger of Providence through those dark and mysterious events, which first induced the states to appoint a general Convention, and then led them one after another into an adoption of the system recommended by that General Convention, thereby in all human probability, laying a lasting foundation for tranquility and happiness.”

And from that time to this, America has been a beautiful symbol of hope, goodness and freedom for people everywhere. Of this exceptionalism volumes could be written. It is safe to say that if America were to cease to exist, or to become so transmogrified through incompetence and corruption, that the earth would be devoid of an example of a nation that was built on the principles of life, liberty and happiness.