Fasting Agenda

The agenda calls for a short fast of any kind. However, because of the nature of this election, individuals can also choose to fast after the election (click on the Join Us button for more details on this). Due to mail in voting and the potential for major problems, fraud, and confusion, results may be up in the air for days or weeks after the election, and therefore individuals can also commit to fasting after Nov 8th.

Because this is such an important election and the warfare against the truth is so intense, Christians need to really dig in on behalf of the country and their own freedoms like never before.

Obviously, any individual is free to fast in any way they choose, but it is important to realize that there are certain times when one must extend himself in a greater effort than they initially would think to do, or that their human nature would want to do. This election represents one of those times. Anybody who considers himself a passionate believer, or leader, and is physically healthy can easily fast for three days. Simply ask yourself, “Is the country worth going without food or some portion of food for a day or so?”

  • Anybody who feels that they just are not there in their faith yet, or comes from a different place spiritually, can by all means participate to whatever degree they feel is right.
  • Anybody who has any question as to whether they have some health condition that would preclude them from fasting should not fast without consulting a qualified health professional.