Fasting Tips

Basically, when doing a short fast of a day or two, an individual can easily handle all of their normal responsibility and activity. However, if possible it is important to set this time aside to focus on higher things.

The following tips are general guidelines and can be modified according to individual needs:

  1. Be excited about the privilege of fasting and the prospect of all that is to be potentially gained by extending yourself in this manner.
  2. Expect great results. Fasting drives both the body and soul inward to incinerate wasteful debris and create only that which essential is to health and life.
  3. Never view fasting as being deprived of something, but rather view it as an opportunity to receive things of greater value.
  4. Eliminate all non-essential activity in favor of essential activity- use this time for both the agenda for the presidency and personal vision and power.
  5. Do not think about food when hungry, but let your mind feed on matters of life, and spirit, in most cases cravings for food will be only temporary.
  6. Keep track of the new personal growth that occurs during the fast and be determined to maintain it afterwards.
  7. Fight to remain mentally upbeat during the fast. Fasting often represents an inverse relationship – when feeling physically weaker, you are actually becoming spiritually stronger.
  8. Remember that fasting is only temporary, while the results gained can be permanent. The legitimate comforts that you are so accustomed to will be enjoyed again soon enough.
  9. Limit exercise and activity to that which is pleasurable to the soul and mind, such as light walking.
  10. Break the fast with simple foods only—do not overeat. The longer you fast, the more disciplined you must be afterwards.
  11. Stay hydrated and rested as personally required.
  12. Challenge yourself to go deeper and grow spiritually.