5 Salient Points Regarding Voting in This Current Election

  1. God is greater than this election, and all events of this world. His peace, power, and protection remain for all who believe at all times and in all circumstances.
  2. It is a Christian’s responsibility to use their vote to best protect the moral, spiritual, and ethical foundations of the country.
  3. God can intervene at any time and at any level to change the external dynamics of this election. But short of that intervention or short of direct leading from the Spirit, Christians must not deceive themselves into thinking that their vote will somehow produce any different outcome than either Donald Trump or Joe Biden being elected.
  4. Those individuals who object to Donald Trump being president must see the whole context of this election, and determine if their desire for Donald Trump to fail is greater than their desire for the country to succeed.
  5. It is every citizen’s responsibility to support whoever is elected president with respect to promoting the general welfare of the country. This, however, obviously does not mean that one supports elements of the administration that they do not agree with.