Importance of the Office of the Presidency

If America symbolizes a certain hope, goodness and faith that is universal to the human heart, than the office of the presidency first and foremost represents that symbol, and must always hold to that pure vision.

It is paramount that the office of the presidency retains the dignity, honor and patriotic virtues of the country itself. Therefore whoever is elected as president must embody within himself, in as much as it is possible for a human to do so, the noble qualities that are both actual and symbolic of the nation. In short, a great nation must aspire to have a great president, and any person who aspires to be president must also aspire to be great on behalf of the country.

This leads to the critical point of what Americans should look for in a president, and what they should encourage in future presidential candidates. Americans must learn to think in terms of greatness. The question is not who could be president or even who would make a good president, but who would make a great president.

In America, the office of the presidency must not be seen as a matter of chance, but a matter of destiny—where an individual with the correct combination of calling, character, and giftedness, arises at the right time in history to meet the leadership needs of the country as afforded by the office, and who is recognized by the people as approved by God and qualified and prepared to serve and represent the country from a total perspective.  He therefore must be a complete man, unified in mind, body, and spirit with a holistic understanding of life.

By this understanding, very few individuals should even consider running for president, and the American people should be compelled to hold high enough standards so as to be able to clearly identify who is truly presidential material, and who is not. For electing a president is not a popularity contest, nor is it time to make a politically correct statement, nor is it the occasion to experiment on some novel individual with unrooted ideas or faulty character.

Electing a president is a time to think deeply and reverently about our national heritage and our future. It is time to secure the continuity of excellence, faith, and glory of a great nation. It is a mandate to select the best person who is tested, found true, and is battle-ready to do great exploits on behalf of the country.

But when a nation’s people fail to understand the actual and potential greatness of their own country, they will surely fail to promote true leadership from among their ranks, and err in their judgment of who should lead. They will fail to understand the critical moment of our time, and the urgency to move sharply in the direction of dignity, pride, and strength. This is precisely what has increasingly happened in America over the last few decades; America’s decline in general, mirrors exactly the decline in real leadership in all areas of society and government- of which blame ultimately falls on the people for not fulfilling their God-given mandate to promote their own freedom through securing proper leadership.

This is why it is so important for the people -especially those who profess to be Christians—to understand that it is their responsibility to safeguard the freedom that they have been given by selecting the individual who is most worthy of the honor of that great office and capable of fulfilling its awesome responsibility.