What to Look for in a President

The founders were unanimous in their recognition of God’s supremacy in the ruling of the affairs of man.  When electing a president, it is critical for people to understand the practical and historical significance of the presidency and the spiritual and moral symbolism inherent to it.

Thomas Paine called America “the cause of all mankind.” In understanding the magnitude of America and the fact that our past great presidents relied on spiritual strength and direction to assume their awesome responsibilities, the very soul of this present generation would be compelled to assert what John Adams prayed upon as the first president to enter the White House, “May none but honest and wise men ever rule under this roof.”

Today we have a crisis in leadership- especially in male leadership abdicating their natural role. We have allowed individuals who do not have the calling, ability, or fortitude, to rise to positions that should have been filled by others.

True character (the solidity of wisdom, faith, and virtue) was once considered the one indispensable requirement by the populace for those who would govern them. Today, that notion needs to be revived in the American psyche in order for the right president to emerge, both in this election and future ones.

Moral and spiritual leadership are by far the most powerful assets any president can have. In fact, it is impossible that any president can truly be effective without them for two indissoluble reasons:

  1. The president must be a strong defender of all-natural rights and God-given institutions of Society as defined by our founding documents (both in letter and spirit) and derived from the scriptures.
  2. Everything that could possibly fall under the category of “promoting the general welfare” has spiritual components. Therefore so-called secular problems (such as the economy) often have spiritual solutions that are overlooked by undiscerning leaders.